background removal, with no shadows scrap

with no traditional «rubbish» in places where the object adjoins with the background or in small details of the object — increases the conversion by 9% according to Amazon and by 24% according to StyleShoots

What is conversion growth?

E-Commerce is a calculable process

the same as the production, for example, of nails. «For money», the box of nails production cycle looks like this:
you need to buy raw wire, turn on the machine, pay rent/communal, pay a salary and sell the produced box of nails.

All prices — raw materials, rents, finished products — are well known and fully determine the profit that is almost constant: it’s unlikely that you will be able to get 100 tons of wire for free, sell nails at a double price, or use any other gift from heaven.

Online sales channel

looks similar to the nail production

you need to bear fixed costs of a known value and expect predictable profits:
traffic acquisition costs and conversion rates are relatively constant across the market.

The goods have constant liquidity, like a box of finished nails.

Here the reserve

for growth in sales and profits is revealed

With constant costs of sales promotion, conversion growth (by perfect background removal) provides an increase in sales. Almost 30% and more in real conditions. A gift from heaven? Something like this. Everyone gets a dollar for the box of nails they produced, but you (at the same cost of production) — get a dollar and thirty. Money out of thin air.

«TheFotoMag» fully integrates

with all ERP, CRM and MDM systems

SAP/Hybris, ATG, Oracle Retail/Commerce, Riversand, 1C/Bitrix, Dynamics/Axapta/Navision, WebSphere Commerce, JDA, Symphony Gold/Retail — here is a partial list of out-of-box connectors implemented in «TheFotoMag»

«TheFotoMag» not only removes the background but also performs many operations on finished images fully preparing them for placement in your information system

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about image quality impact on sales

New studies reveal important and unobvious facts that will help you sell more

«Ashmanov & Partners» research

carried out in 2018 showed

that people don’t buy goods whose photos do not suit them in quality. The discovery was that if the consumer is not satisfied with the quality of the photo, then he doesn’t buy even the goods well-known to him by touch.

The case is about well-known to consumer by touch goods, that have already been bought by him many times and/or re-bought by him constantly. For example, everyday products, such as shampoos, pre-packaged products, or shaving cassettes.

This product is the same in all stores, the consumer knows it well «to the touch», constantly uses it but at the same time leaves the site on which he is not satisfied with the quality of the photo without a purchase and makes a purchase (even on the worst conditions) on the site with high-quality photos.

Return on investment

While the product picture is not posted to the site — the product is not being sold.
The product does not bring sales forecast profits every day while it is not on the site.
Product freezes in the warehouse losing its original liquidity.

Calculation of profits from the purchase of «TheFotoMag» based on the elementary indices of the speed of movement of goods and easily recheck by own calculations

What is «TheFotoMag»?

While the product picture is not posted to the site — the product is not being sold. The product does not bring sales forecast profits every day while it is not on the site.

«TheFotoMag» is a solution to speed up product record and product content creation, automating content creation and placement, conversion growth and reducing losses from the slowdown of the goods.

Start sales in 5 minutes, not in two weeks.

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