Printed matter

discounts flyers, catalogs

for distribution in the checkout area etc, are produced with «TheFotoMag» faster than ever. In order to make up the standard catalog, 28 pages, 20 items on the page, 560 SKU, — you just need to pick up these 560 goods to the studio, — in a matter of minutes, designers and typesetters will get the first images for page layout. Unique «TheFotoMag» algorithm of background removal creates transparent background providing absolutely seamless overlay.

Your handouts

For the season, holiday, promotion and all your marketing materials will always be relevant and will always be on time, in a controlled manner, in a matter of days instead of weeks and months.

In the photo below

the usual «perfect background removal» and the unique «TheFotoMag» background removal. Transparent images overlaid on a black background.

Return on investment

Calculation of profits from the purchase of «TheFotoMag» based on the elementary indices of the speed of movement of goods and easily recheck by own calculations

What is «TheFotoMag»?

While the product picture is not posted to the site — the product is not being sold. The product does not bring sales forecast profits every day while it is not on the site.

«TheFotoMag» is a solution to speed up product record and product content creation, automating content creation and placement, conversion growth and reducing losses from the slowdown of the goods.

Start sales in 5 minutes, not in two weeks.

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